CTM hangs on creating a new baseline

Dear Jack/CTM team,

I have a win 7 x64 machine and I like the idea of CTM dearly, however lately I’ve been having a problem.
Whenever i recreate a new baseline after an update of the system’s software (whether it be windows or games) The machine freezes several times upon the “updating data” screen.
I have to use CTRL+ALT+DEL to reset the machine and reinitiate the creation of a new baseline.

Also for some reason CTM seems to interfere with the shutdown process in windows sometimes.

Could you give me your thoughts on how to fix this ( I don’t want to have to leave CTM)

Thanx in advance.

Update: I reverted back from the 2.8 version to the 2.6 version of CTM. result: no more hangs in creating a new baseline or shutdown problems. Despite the long list of fixes in the 2.8 changelog this version created more problems for me then it solved - will wait for the 2.9 or 3.0 version before updating again.


CTM is not being developed (apparently).