CTM got stuck on 99%

im using windows 7 32 bit

and i just formatted the computer

after installing the sound drive and the video drive my google chrome.

and my

COMODO internet secuirity

i installe my COMODO CTMS

after THE CTM complete the installation i had to format.

and when i did he started to install somthing before the windows even came up

any i assume this as it soppoust to be so far…
however when this installation rich 99% it seems to get stuck

and i get this wierd lines of number and letter in left top side of the screen.

i did some searching i realised that someone alredy post a topic about this kind of problem before.

and i hoped to someone alredy found away to solve this ■■■■ problem. so if any one know what to do so please help me!!

If you just formated your computer and CTM failed…
I would do it again and wait until CTM gets gold to use it. Really. It’s sad, but true.

i didnt really understand

do what again?

and wait for what?

Format and reinstall Windows.

CTM starts to be developed again.
See http://snipurl.com/27qbl1