CTM finally nuked my Vista laptop but...I was lost and then I was found!

I downloaded all of the Windows updates this week. The required reboot caused the BSOD on the laptop (and issues with Sandboxie on the desktop too)! I can’t even remember the circumstances (to traumatic!) anymore as to why I was uninstalling CMT, other than the fact that I thought Windows Update KB979683 and CMT were not compatible, but I uninstalled it (or attempted to) from its start menu via the Home key. The laptops MBR was completely destroyed after the uninstallation! Although the first day I could enter the Acer laptops BIOS and boot settings, it would not save “Boot from CD/DVD” option. I finally gave up. I couldn’t figure out how to use TestDisk by the way, so I never downloaded it. With out a Vista repair disk, I used a torrent to download the ISO through neosmart.net and burnt it. For whatever reason, Friday night the Acer did begin to boot from CDs/DVDs. I ran the Vista boot repair but it stated it couldn’t fix it. Then I loaded a Paragon (Linux) boot CD and selected its Boot Repair but it also failed. I then selected the backup on the D drive and amazingly everything was restored to April 4ths Paragons backup! In less than five minutes, AyRecovery and CMT have bailed me out at least two dozen times during the past 16 months, as I try a lot of applications, even during several BSODs on the desktop and laptop. So now I have to decide if I should take the chance on it again, especially with KB979683 installed. Anyway, if you have any backup images, try booting from your backup media and try a restore.

hi ratchet,

I tried this issue in 32bit Vista ultimate SP 2. CTM works fine when installed KB979683. Can you tell me which version of your windows system. and how many snapshot in CTM?
Thanks very much for your feedback!

Vista Home Premium, SP 2. I never, never, ever have more than perhaps seven or eight. I keep them defraged also. The issue that when I restored my XP SP3 (posted below) all my snapshots were gone except a two month old Basline was equally disturbing and mystifying. As I’ve stated, it has saved me many times!

Hi ratchet ,

We are trying to reproduce this issue. We will look into this issue and try to fix it in the future.
Thanks for your support.