CTM detects the computer is running low on free space


Found this program for the first time, installed it, and started getting errors immediately after. Note that I have over 1TB of free space.

I dug through the forums, TONS of folks it seems have had this issue, but never got an exact resolution for this.

I did reboot, compress a couple of times and even shut off windows restore.

Any clues? I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit).


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Could you tell us what you have for CTM version. CTM 2.9b is stable and good. I use it on my host pc. Cloud you also tell use what harddisk you have?

Valentin N

I don’t know the version, but I can tell you that I just downloaded it today… so it’s whatever is out there (unless you updated within the last 2 hrs or so.

I have 2 drives in my machine.

  1. a 1.5TB ST31500341AS
  2. a 500gb WD5000AAKS-75TMA0

I’m not running raid, but the program did give me a raid warning in the beginning. I guess it’s built into the motherboard.


okey where did you download it. CTM doesn’t support so you need to disable RAID if you CTM to work. It go even in RAID but only if HDD where the OS is installed isn’t in read. 3 HDD where the disk where the OS installed is not RAID.

I will look for more info for you

Valentin N

I downloaded it right from the comodo site. Install file name was: client_setup_2.8.155286.178.exe

I guess I was running 2.8 before I uninstalled.

Where did you get 2.9?

I downloaded from this page:

you get CTM 2.9b in the beta coner.

Valentin N

Thanks. Can you post a link?


Beta Corner :slight_smile:

Valentin N

Wow, 2.9 seems to have been in Beta like FOREVER. Any idea why?

It says not to use it in production. You still feel comfortable with it?

No, we’re not.

CCE is in the focus. CCE and CTM has the same leader.

Valentin N

They’ve promised that one team does not interfere in the other.
One technology does not punish the other.
Different teams, no problems with priorities.
Seems they’re not following the rules…

If they cant work parallel then it’s better if they focus on one of them and in this case it’s CCE. Lets not forget that they have their other paid software maybe has higher priority than the free software.

Valentin N