ctm causes system crash win vista

I have been running comodo’s cis for some time and love it, seems very secure for a freeware program. I decided to try out some of cm’s other freeware and downloaded their registry cleaner, ctm, and encryption program, and dragon browser, immediately after downloading, and before I got a chance to activate or use them my system froze up and subsequently crashed. I rebooted in safe mode and restored to a point right before these downloads and was able to get myself back online. I dont understand how these programs could affect my system before I actually got ot use them. i am currently running vista, comodo’s combo firewall and anti-virus, Spybot, A-squared and win. defender, all with no problems. I recently started using sandboxie with firefox but was not using this when I downloaded these products. I was using my IE-7 browser, unsandboxed. I am diappointed now as I am not sure of what freeware to trust, as I have always thought Comodo products topnotch…Uriahhittite

hi, uriahhittite

You mean downloading CTM setup caused system crashed? I think you should better check your installed softwares instead of CTM setup file.

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