CTM cannot initialise Operating System Information

On a fresh W7 installwith only Comodo IS Free installed & CSC, every time I try to install CTM I get the error

“Comodo Time Machine cannot initialise operating system information”

Any ideas please - thanks in advance.

hi John_the_Boy ,

I can not reproduce this issue on Win7 32bit, CIS(4.0.10770.828) and CSC(2.2.335611.5). I installed CTM 166 version. Please disable sandbox and defense+ in CIS and tray again.

Hi - thanks for reply, tried this and also exited the whole application but got the same error.

Guess there is something with my install of W7 Ultimate it doesn’t like :-[

Proabably not, just inadequately tested software released as production version but really only a beta version.

Please see my Win7 experience on the neighbouring thread…