CTM can use on commercial PC?

CTM can use on commercial PC? or i need purchase any license??

If i need to purchase got any package price?

As far as I know CTM can be used on one or more business machines without a special license, if I’m wrong guys please correct me. What is very important though is to make a full backup of your system disk BEFORE installing CTM (if you haven’t done it already of course).

I remember a while ago, a guy had installed CTM on his business computer and his machine wouldn’t boot. As a result he had to send his HDD to a specialist data recovery company, whose services are not cheap. Most probably it was a simple boot sector repair job anyway, but to a guy like that who is totally ignorant it must have seemed like a catastrophe of epic proportions. So, he came over here and started moaning about CTM and threatening the makers of a FREEWARE PROGRAM with legal action… ;D ;D

All this would have been avoided if he had the common sense to backup his system disk before installing CTM. That guy even forced an apology out of Melih (which is more than he would have gotten from me anyway - kudos to Melih for keeping his cool in the face of extreme stupidity). The guy could have avoided it all with a simple backup. But hey, that’s how the cats that run data recovery labs make a lot of their business, exploiting all those"bright sparks" out there. I don’t blame them. The antelopes that cannot run that fast will always end up as lion dinner.

I have no sympathy for such people who are ignorant enough not to backup their systems, especially on mission-critical machines where daily incremental backups is a must. Ignorance is not an excuse, and if people want to learn they will.

I hope you will enjoy CTM in its simplicity as most of us here do. There’s also a new version brewing up, which us lurkers in these forums can’t wait to try out when it becomes available. Good luck!

What is very important though is to make a full backup of your system disk BEFORE installing CTM
I was indeed very amazed to find some users relied solely on CTM to protect their systems from failures and NOT made regular system backups at all.
a guy had installed CTM on his business computer and his machine wouldn't boot
Actually I think business computers should go with Raid setups as business/client data are valuable and vary from minute to minute (and maybe accompanied by backups at the end of every business day) . Personally I think CTM is more appropriate for home users.

It’s nice of you to remind people that system backups are essential, which I had mentioned many times in the past.

+1 :-TU

Your comment would be valid… except for Comodo’s glowing, effusive, praise – bragging, really – about how safe their product is, how you never again need to worry. Here’s an example from the Time Machine home page:
“Home users can even let the kids run amok on the family PC for an afternoon and be safe in the knowledge that any damage can be instantly undone and all files recovered.”

Who would read that, and think that they have to back up their system, before installing this “dangerous” program? That’s the last thing any normal person would think of, if they believe what Comodo say about their product.


Hi Bruce,

I agree with your comment, but with any ‘computer program’ companies do not give in depth instructions, as I’m sure you would agree that this would then be like any EULA and people would not bother reading all the way through :slight_smile:

I have been using CTM, as many others have, for several years with no problems - in fact even saving me on several occasions ;D although there are some who have not been able to use it at all as it will not install properly :frowning:

As KoPRoSKyLo quite rightly said :-

I would also add that even with my use of CTM, I still perform regular back-ups as due to CTM being installed on the same drive as “Windows” in the event of Disc failure, even my reliance on CTM would not be able to help / save me from total disaster :frowning:

Unfortunately there is a far reaching ‘ignorance’ ( sorry that is the only term I could think of at the moment ) with regards to backing up data. Even where I work, out of the 15 of us in the department I am the only one that performs a daily back-up - not even the company I work for performs this ???

Dolphin 66,
I share your despair/hope for people to learn backup procedures.

On a side note, I observe that Comodo has withdrawn all mention of Time Machine from its “normal” public pages. It’s still available through links in the Forum, thought.

Presumably this is because it has been causing them so much trouble. To wit, the top two stickies in the Time Machine “Help” forum:

  • How to Recover your Drive, if CTM made it not boot
  • How to restore MBR (if you can’t boot with/without CTM)

Now, if I were a potential user and saw that on the support page (even more honest, on the home page) for ANY product, for sure I would be heading the other way at top speed.

We hope version 3, when it comes, will solve the problems.

With this I agree, but how many of these I wonder had the problems with the ‘beta’ rather than the ‘stable’?

We hope version 3, when it comes, will solve the problems.

Yes with the knowledge gained from the previous versions I too hope so ;D and I’m looking forward to when a beta is released on here :-TU


The problems with CTM causing boot failure were experienced with both the stable and the beta release.

Strangely, there were more of these issues with the last stable release than there were with the last beta, but the last beta, while more stable, introduced a new wrinkle - snapshots restore times were inordinately longer than with the stable release.

The root cause of these issues was, AFAIK, never really pinned down.

Having said that, I’ve been running CTM BETA 2.9 for over a year on 30+ systems (many brands and differing configs) in a test lab without issue.

Sadly, when CTM went bad, it went VERY bad.
Conversely, when it worked, it is an absolute life saver.

While the bad incidents were not numerous (when viewed as a percentage of the total install base), it’s a cold cup of comfort to those users it affected.

CTM3 is being developed from the ground up using an internally developed code base, whereas CTM 2.X was based on code licensed (legitimately - before that old furphy rears its ugly head again) from the original developer of EAZFix. Being based on internally developed code should make trouble shooting and bug fixing a cleaner, more responsive process.

We can but hope.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Pssst …

You forgot to add that the third CTM sticky clearly states that CTM is NOT a substitute for a backup and that they are still necessary. :wink: :smiley: