CTM + Bitlocker

Is CTM compatible with the bitlocker feature of Vista and if not will it be implemented in the future?

Its not currently. Maybe someone can confirm if it will be in the future???

Thanks for the reply yeah i do wish to see it being implemented in the future.

Disk encryption is part of security too especially for laptops.

Can anyone answer the question, will CTM support disk encryption software in the future??

Hi, MetalShaun
I am sorry to tell you that
because there is conflict between the implementation of CTM and full disk encryption softwares,
CTM cannot work fine with full disk encryption softwares.

Thanks for your support.
Best regards.

Have you tried TrueCrypt???

These guys make sure that your MBR is ok before installing it AND they MAKE you create a boot disk if anything does go wrong.

But can it work with something like MyLockbox? Which does not encrpyt the fulll disk but provides a container/folder so to speak?!

We suggest you don’t use them both.
If you want, please try it on virtual machine.