CTM and Volume shadow copy

I noticed that my Win 7 Volume shadow copy service was set to manual. I wonder if CTM has done it? Is there any difference if it is on or off? My Windows backup seems not to work without it.
I read somewhere that it slows the system down so maybe some tweaking utility I have used has disabled it.

“maybe some tweaking utility I have used has disabled it” ~ “Volume shadow copy service” has been set to activate " manually " is not the Same as being " disabled ". ( disabling a Service means it is banned from activation )

p.s. quite a few Windows Services need not be set to " automatically activated " as some services are rarely used or even not used at all by some users.

windows shadows copy executes on demand, for example if you use the program “drive snapshot” or “DriveImage XML” it will use shadow copy service to avoid any problems in the meantime event if the service is in manual,
so yours dint have to bother about it state