CTM and Linux without Grub


I have a computer with CTM installed and I want to install Linux. My idea is:

Install Linux in other partition or other HDD but not install Grub (boot Linux through BIOS). I think this option prevents Linux from overwriting snapshots and MBR problems.

Is it possible?

Thank you

No, it’s not possible.
The problem is not the boat loaded (grub, lilo, etc.) but that Linux has access to NTFS partitions and so files can be changed without the CTM driver loaded. The snapshots will be broken and everything could be a mess.
CTM is not supported on Linux.

Thank you for your reply, Tech.

But I think if Linux is installed in a second HDD (without CTM protection) it will not overwrite snapshots (they will be in the first HDD). It is like booting a live CD, it shouldn’t write the first HDD (the CTM protected drive). I don’t know where is the incompatibility. Could someone explain it to me?

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Sorry. It’s not. Linux, if the file system is mounted, has read/write access to the disk…

It could. And this will be enough to mess all your data. It does not worth the risk.

Thank you, Tech. I will install Linux in a virtual machine (I suppose it is CTM-compatible).

yondaime, here is an example of a user dual booting ctm running win xp and linux without grub.
It may give you some ideas.

Running Linux with another partition using (protected by) CTM is play with fire… You can lose all your data. You can bypass (workaround) but you’re asking for trouble.