CTM and Hibernating

Is it safe and or possible to use the hibernate feature in windows with CTM installed?

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Maybe I wasn’t clear. What would happen regarding Time Machine if I used hibernate instead of shutdown?

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I need to know if there is going to be any problem between time machine and my computer if I use hibernate on my laptop instead of shutdown.

I am not quite sure if hibernating was the root cause of this or something else, but I would suggest NOT using hibernate (if your computer supports it) when you have CTM installed.

I experienced file system corruption so bad that I had to use linux to get what files I could off of the harddrive before completely re-installing Windows.

That is why I’m giving CTM miss until either back up lets you do a image, or the little problems it does have are ironed out.

Just cab’t risk it, and even if backed up don’t fancy the hassle of fixing it all.

ummmm comodo backup v2.2.127000.12 has the backup source: Disk,Partions,MBR, which i think is what you might want. i’m not sure though. if you experienced something like I did though, the only way to get your image out of it as far as I understand it would be to get windows back on and comodo backup. but don’t quote me on that. it’s just a guess.

In the next release I think it’s coming, too tired to find the post (sorry).

Hibernate doesn’t work for me


CTM build 157 is available now. please check if new build can help you.
Please see the following for details: