CTM and chkdsk (scandisk)

It was posted before that CTM is compatible with chkdsk.

It seems logical if you think the console has already launched.
But we’re talking about boot time, i.e., Windows and everything else aren’t fully launched.

I’ve got a BSOD.
Then I boot the computer and chkdsk was automatically invoked.
But I got an error:
Autochk can’t be executed.
Some numbers of the error, but it was fast and I can’t write it down.

What is it?
Is CTM compatible with chkdsk or not?


Doskey? Where are everybody?

Hi Tech.
In fact, after you saw CTM logo during startup, CTM start to work. What ever autocheck or chkdsk, CTM is compatible with all of them.

Which version of CTM did you get the BSOD? 166? or 175?


So, why is it being blocked? It’s not working…

175 Beta. I won’t even try 166 in my computers again…

Hi Tech.
We did test autocheck and chkdsk under CTM. It should work well. Please check your Windows folder, is autochk.exe there? I can’t confirm the problem so far.
About BSOD, Do you remember bug check number? Are you still using TrueCrypt with CTM together? Did you attach external USB flash disk or other type external USB storage?

Await for you reply.

Is it ok?

I think it’s not CTM related. I’ve posted here:

Don’t blame me… I need to. All my data and documents are encrypted in a full TrueCrypt partition. I’ve restored 5 snapshots of CTM and have no problems on Windows 7. I’ve restored in Windows XP virtual and have no problems too…
The beta seems to be working… But we never know…

Yes, for sure, my USB backup storage.
But why will this be related?

Tested and it run perfectly!
Actually, CTM 175 Beta is working perfectly on Windows 7 32bits.
It’s much more stable than 166. And so I hope it continues…

Celebrated too early… BSOD…
Will start a new thread.

Confirm it’s working.

Thanks. But about BSOD on win32k.sys, we can’t confirm it was the problem so far.

At that time, maybe I was testing CPM and other beta of Comodo.
So, I’m not sure (100%) that it was CTM related.
Anyway, no troubles after that.
CTM 175 beta is running very well. Except some acknowledged bugs (like compacting snapshots).
Is there any forecast for the next beta release?