CTM algorithmn was changed!! right? how to restore my MBR?

dang I tried to avoid long recover time ( performance degradation 2.8 to 2.9 )
so I used windows recovery CD and replaced my MBR and rebooted…
I was expecting the baseline snapshot but it loads current snapshot!!
LOL what should I do? can’t I reinstall my MBR and recover my baseline??? :‘( :’( :cry:

Indeed there is a deep performance degradation between 2.8 to 2.9. Space used, time of restoration of an snapshot. Something has badly changed and the programmers say nothing!

Another point is that the baseline should be restored as far I could understand.
If something changed in the technology, I would be happy if I could know. I like to know “how” my software works. I’m also surprised about the restoration process.

Hi Dax123:
Yes, we have modified the algorithm from 2.9 build.
In 2.8 and earlier version, rebuild MBR is equal to uninstall CTM to baseline.
From 2.9, rebuild MBR is equal to uninstall CTM to current status.

Best Regards.

Thanks for sharing the info.