Ctfupdat.exe could not be recognized.

CIS told me that an update was available, but obviously ctfupdat.exe is unknown to CIS, wich I think is a litlle bit strange… ???


i laughted :smiley: are you in paranoid ?

No, stock settings.

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums! Hjärtligt välkommen till comodo forums! :slight_smile:

That’s strange I suggest you try to reinstall it be before that try to see if the diagnose tool.

I have chosen to write in english because this is the international forums!

there is a swedish part of comodo forums if you wish to write in your mother-language.

Valentin N

Have you also gotten alerts from other programs that you believe should be trusted?

I have had some problems with CIS lately, guess I will try to reainstall it.

Thanks for the warm welcoming. I have been a member of the Comodo forums for som time though.

Ha det gött och trevlig helg på dig Valentin N :wink:

please use the CIS clean up tool in safe mode as admin to ensure that all remains of cis are way.

Valentin N