CSS question for Win 10: firefox bookmarks missing

I use firefox as my browser in and out of CSS (Comodo Secure Shopping). On my Win 10 Pro 1709 box, when I start CSS environment, I see firefox link to the right of Windows Explorer link in the Comodo toolbar at the bottom. When I click on that Firefox icon, it brings up Firefox but it does not have any of my bookmarks - instead it just shows the default bookmarks. If I bring up firefox manually via opening Windows Explorer and navigating to Program Files → Mozilla Firefox → firefox.exe, then it brings up firefox with all my bookmarks.


(1) Can I do some setup of CSS to have its built in Firefox button give me same bookmarks as my main Firefox?

(2) If answer is No for (1), and if I have to resetup my bookmarks for the profile that firefox is using inside CSS, would I lose those after virtual environment reset or some other kinds of reset / upgrade of CSS itself?

Note: CSS is install as separate product even though I have CIS installed as well on the system. Inside CIS settings, there is no mention of CSS, so I am not sure how to get to any of CSS settings at all.


CSS browsers use their own profiles which is why bookmarks and addons/extensions will be missing. You could try copying the profile to where CSS stores its own profile but I don’t have CSS installed to know where it is stored at. You can check the CSS install directory or in programdata or your appdata folders and search within the comodo folders.

Thanks, after poking around, found CSS Firefox is using profile under C:\Users<userName>\AppData\Roaming\Comodo\CSS\User Data-firefox1

I am still curious when this profile will get reset…?

Also what’s the easiest / recommended way to move over all the profile security and other settings (including bookmarks) to CSS one?

Should CSS provide a feature to make this happen? :slight_smile:

I tried moving profiles per Mozilla instructions I found online (using Firefox Profile Manager, removed cssprofile1 and tried to create new one and copy all main profile files there) but that totally messed up Firefox in CSS. It would now open Firefox OUTSIDE of the CSS instead of opening it inside!

So I had to reinstall CSS completely :frowning:

After reinstall, this seems to have worked:

  • close FF everywhere
  • remove all files under the CSS profile dir (“User Data-firefox1”)
  • copy all files from main FF profile into CSS profile dir