CSS bug: Win10 windows go behind taskbar

Win 10 Pro (1709 and likely other versions) has an annoying bug: maximized windows go behind the taskbar, so taskbar effectively hides part of the maximized window or at least obscures it. This is an example thread that discusses this issue.

Known workaround for this issue (thanks to above thread) is to change display resolution to a different one and then change it back. Then, maximized window (e.g. Notepad or any other) does not get partially covered up by the Taskbar but instead is correctly taking up all of the screen area EXCEPT for the Taskbar.

Unfortunately, when I go inside CSS and then exit CSS, even if I do nothing else, it resets the whole issue and I again have to go to Display Settings to change resolutions back and forth!

This issue is quite annoying and I am not sure why CSS re-introduces it each time :frowning:

More specifically, when I enter CSS or go back and forth between CSS screen and main PC screen, the main PC screen is still working fine - maximized window does not get covered by the Taskbar. Only when I exit CSS, does the issue get reintroduced and maximized windows now get partially covered by the Taskbar again.

As a heavy user of CSS, this means my Taskbar will always be partially blocking Windows or I have to keep going and resetting screen resolution.