CSS bug related to screen saver?

I noticed this on Win10 where I have screen saver lock enabled. When I leave Comodo Secure Shopping (CSS) session running and then come back, I can move the mouse around and the time shown is correct, but I cannot click on any windows, including the one that gets me back to the main screen.

At first I thought the computer was stuck and I cannot do anything else except to hard-reboot. But then I finally figured out that it probably relates to CSS not cooperating with screen saver. So I pressed Ctrl-Alt-Del and got the screen to login like I normally would after a screensaver!

Thanks for reporting, team will get back if they can’t produce.


Thank you very much for reporting us the issue.
We have investigated the issue on our own and it is reproducible, however based on our investigation, it is the issue with the window 10 system as we tried some windows tool and the issue is reproducible (without CSS). We have reported this issue to MS and are waiting for their responses. We will update you if we have any solution to the issue.


Thank you!