CSS bug in Windows 10: can paste to outside calculator

On Win 10 Pro 1709, Comodo Secure Shopping (CSS version 1.3.430655.134) seems to have a bug related to Calculator. (Other applications I’ve tried appear to work correctly)

(1) When I start Calculator manually (from within Windows Explorer C:\Windows\system32\calc.exe) inside the CSS environment, it instead appears outside of the CSS environment (i.e. on main screen) and never inside. Further, I can paste from within CSS to that Calculator app running outside.

(2) If I start Calculator normally on main screen itself (i.e. NOT inside CSS), I can still paste from inside CSS to the calculator.
I tried both, starting Calculator BEFORE and AFTER starting CSS. In both cases, after I start notepad inside CSS and copy say 2+2, I can paste to Calculator running on main screen, but not to Notepad or other apps on main screen.

This is not happening in Win 7 Pro with CSS (same version 1.3.430655.134): there, as expected, starting calculator inside CSS starts it only inside the environment, and if I do start it on main screen, I cannot paste to it from inside CSS.

Hi Justin Smith,

Thanks for reporting. We are investigating it.

Kind Regards,