CSpace Instant Messenger & MacMakeUp

Hello everyone,

i would like to thank all who contribute in the development of this software. Thank you very much for allowing users to download and use your software free of charge.

I researched out two applications that I thought would be useful and they were CSpace (IM) and MacMakeUp. I am not sure if I can post the links to these websites where they contain the software I am talking about so if one google’s it, they can find it no problem.

As soon as I extracted the MacMakeUp zip folder, Comodo’s AntiVirus engine declared the this file to be a virus.

  • Malware Name ‘unclassifiedMalware@8394976’
    File Name Malware Name
    macmakeup.exe unclassifiedMalware@8394976

I installed CSpace (I actually got the file from ‘download.com’ and not the developers website) and about 5 minutes into the application, I received Virus Detected Messages from Comodo.

File Name Malware Name
VNCClient.exe ApplicUnsaf.Win32.RemoteAdmin.WinVNC.4@5223414
xLMNPLGV.exe.part UnclassifiedMalware@25280958
TbYHDe+L.exe.part UnclassifiedMalware@25280958
CSpaceUpdatev1s0y9.exe UnclassifiedMalware@25280958
CSpaceVNCServer.exe UnclassifiedMalware@5756749
CSpaceWinVNC.exe UnclassifiedMalware@8235471
VNCHooks.dll Unclassifiedmalware@9061446

Please note that I ran the Bit Defender Online Scanner in SafeMode and there was no virus’s found on the computer.

MacMakeUp - is an application that spoofs your mac address
CSpace - is an Instant Messaging application that also has Remote Connection capabilities through the VNC clients

If anyone could shed some light on this situation, as to why these apps are flagged to have viruses, that would be great. If the apps are clean, please let me know because I would like to use them if possible.

Thank you very much for your support and time.


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how do i find the CIS number?


please go to Comodo Internet Security → Miscellaneous → about , here should be the number :slight_smile: