CSI once installed can be closed from a user or virus from taskbar

today I have tested the last comodo version available on 21/Feb/2017 (sorry I never noted the version).
Once was installed on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit updated the virus database, done the first scan and restarted the PC I tried to close CSI processes on Taskbar and CSI was stopped.

In the Windows Security Center was showed as active but all process has been killed manually by me on the windows task manager.
So for test if I was protected or not I downloaded the eicar test from http://www.eicar.org/ .txt file and saved on the Desktop.

Opened and no alert and no block was showed. I was able to see the content of the file. If was a virus now my PC is infected by that.
Tired to scan the file with the right click and maybe this reactivated comodo who blocked the file but was too late.
Fortunately this was not a virus.

Seems CSI is not protecting his process who can be killed from taskbar from anyone or from any malware or virus.

After seen that I removed Comodo so I cannot help you more with more details,
but maybe this post will help you to made test and fix a potential security issue.

This has always been possible.

CIS protects the user from malware, but does not protect you from yourself.

If you want shut down all processes you can.


So maybe I prefer to use antivirus product’s that protect himself process because I cannot trust you when you told a virus are not able to kill CSI as the user are able to do that easily from windows task process. So maybe also a guest user can kill just kill the antivirus process and the PC can be hankered or just another administrator can kill easily the process but maybe also a virus can do that in this way as seems this action are allowed.

The free product I AM using now have option checked by default in the settings that protect the antivirus processes from be killed in fact you have access denied or nothing happen if you try to kill process. This never happen with Comodo. You are free to keep this as is now but you are informed about that can be a security issue. :slight_smile: will be not the first time I find security issue on you. :slight_smile: I just reported. Do what you think is good to do :slight_smile: keep as is now if this is what you want :slight_smile: just let you know there are other antivirus product (also free) who protect himself processes from be killed easily from anyone.

CIS protects the user from malware, but does not protect you from yourself.
Nice sentence. A virus or malware can be maskered to the pc to be yourself also a guest user can be yourself because PC can be used from different users.

So I decide to open this topic in BUGS for this reason but seems now has been moved to normal support topic.
No problem, I AM safe right now with another product.

If you give them Admin rights yes.

If you really think you are protected by a antivirus that’s fine.

I would prefer CIS without it’s antivirus to protect my computer.

Thank you


You were able to kill CIS processes because you are using the Internet security configuration which is the default active configuration when you install CIS (AV & firewall), this config does not have HIPS enabled which is the component that protects CIS and other running processes from applications that are not running in the sandbox. If you turned on HIPS or switched to the more powerful configuration in Proactive configuration, you would not be able to terminate any of CIS processes using windows task manager.

Why this is off by default? What sense have?

Usability, so as to not have the user answer alerts when something unknown is about to run.