CSI edit installation should have possibility to install Secure Shopping

I installed CSI but the Secure Shopping icon is missed on the desktop also is not working in CIS.
I tried to run diagnostic but no issue where found.

I tried to do uninstall / edit but I cannot choose to install secure shopping only antivirus and firewall.
Also hope you will made available possibility to use secure shopping also on a offline installer.

Thank you.

EDIT: I try also to reinstall CIS by asking to install secure shopping but the desktop icon of secure shopping is missed and if I click on secure shopping on the desktop doesn’t work…

To install SS you run the SS task under general tasks, to uninstall it is a separate item under programs & features in control panel.

Sorry, I cannot understand you.

To install SS you run the SS task under general tasks

Please launch CIS interface and click on Tasks as shown in enclosed Tasks.png, in opened interface as shown in SecureShopping.png, please click on “Secure Shopping” and it will offer to install Secure Shopping feature.


my CIS is in Italian that was why I did not understand however also if I click here nothing happen.
I click on secure shopping and no install are made.

Please download following Secure Shopping installer and install:


Well thank you,
once run this setup say that Secure Shopping was already installed and ask me to remove or repair.

I choose repair but once done this and reboot the PC was able to use secure shopping only from the desktop icon not from CIS so I used the same setup you give to me to uninstall secure shopping than … I restarted so I opened CIS and this time when i click on Secure Shopping CIS ask to me to install IT

NOW is fully work.

Geekbuddy Technician on chat was completely unable to help me on this,
great support forum!

Many thanks! :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-*