CSI 6.1 What with antivirus databases?

Yesterday I decided to put CIS 6.1.276867.2813.
No antivirus database updates for 14 hours.
When manually writing checks that all relevant.
First 3hours worked fine. And then he stopped automatically updated.
What happened? Last base 16116 ? ???

Win7 32 SP1

P.S. According to the magazine can be seen that it checks.
What 14 hours bases does not change?

This is another minus CIS 6.
In the CIS 5 in the main GUI is visible process cmdagent.exe. Look to asks the the server or not. In the CIS 6 does not understand anything. You only have to go into the magazine and see.
P.S. It is necessary that he showed time in the GUI while connecting to the server to check the antivirus databases. (This was in CIS 5).

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Hi jenny66,
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If you look into your CIS logs and select [b]Show Tasks[/b], this should show whether or not the program successfully checked for DB updates and whether any were available at the time. Current DB 16123.


Captainsticks Hi!
No no. Moderators are working well. I closed it is topic.
I to asked in Russian forum. So, too.
After 15 hours of CIS again normally to works.
Now everything is fine. :-TU Updated as necessary.(autoupdate).
Surprise that behind the 15 hours is no upgrade.
Thank you.

Thanks jenny66, sorry about unlocking it.
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