CSE hangs computer

I’ve tried twice to install beta2 on a machine running XP SP2 but each time the computer reboots after installation it hangs at the login screen before Windows loads.

The only way to run the machine subsequently is to restore my Windows installation using BootBack.

I’ll give this series a miss, I think!

hmm… thanks for this.
can u help us identify by telling us what you are running pls…

you can run this app psc-exam.exe to give us a good idea about your machine… i attached it here…
thank you…


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I had the same problem.
Windows took very long to start and then I just saw the Desktop background. I tried to start explorer.exe with the task manager, loaded it but again nothing.
Then I wanted to reboot but again, it took too long, so rebooted brutally and started in safe mode.
Surprisingly that took again very long and then I uninstalled CSE again.

I made a report with psc-exam and attached it.
I hope it helps.

Will there be a chance that CSE will support more/all Mail clients?

Kind regards

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I’m having the same problem and have attached a report

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Same issue here. Windows XP Home SP2. Could not boot machine, even in safe mode. Recovery utilities disk also failed to help and I was forced to reload the OS…and had to reinitialize all applications in the registry. Attached is from my restored machine. It indicates IE 6 but I’m running IE 7.
I’d be interested in any news. After this re-install experience I’m reluctatnt to try it again althoug I’m very interested in this innovative software.

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A new version of Comodo SecureEmail is now available with Vista and Office 2007 support.

The version also addresses the problems highlighted in this post. Thanks to you all for your feedback. (:CLP)

Here’s the post for the new beta:

If anyone continues to still have problems, post back here and we’ll try to resolve them as quickly and painlessly as possible. (:NRD)

Shane. :SMLR