CSE and Outlook 2007 wont run together

Using Vista Pro with Outlook 2007. I had my certificate first and installed before i installed SecureEmail. The install looked good but when i launch Outlook, it locks up completely. The SecureEmail Version Checker looks like it tries to run at the same time but that also locks up. I cannot get access to Outlook unless i disable the Comodo add-in and thereby the product becomes useless. The only way to get Outlook back is to kill the process and use safemode.

Hi, Cibertek

Your issue is analyzing by the developers team and would be fixed soon.

Actually, disabling Comodo SecureEmail (CSE) Outlook plug-in don’t make CSE useless. You wouldn’t be able to decrypt only already received single-use e-mails. And all other CSE functionality would be still available.

Regards, Eugene

If i disable the add-in, it will not “digitally sign” nor “encrypt” any email from Outlook.

Hi, Cibertek

Please run SecureEmail Configuration (Configure.exe or icon in Start menu) and select “E-mail folders scanning” button in the left pane. Then you should uncheck “Prompt to scan e-mail folders next time Outlook starts” checkbox.
Then press OK. (Or if you already disabled this plug-in by Outlook - leave it disabled).
Now Outlook shouldn’t load CSE plug-in on startup. But Comodo SecureEmail would still be able to either encrypt or digitally sign your outgoing e-mails and other CSE functionality will be still available.

I hope your issue will be resolved.
Feel free to ask any questions on CSE.

Regards, Eugene.