CSC Ver. 2.0.110158.6


My system:
Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 (fully updated)
CIS 3.11.108364.552 (fully updated)

After my experience with the last iteration of CSC, I downloaded and installed ver. 2.0.110158.6. This version works brilliantly; thank you!

A couple of questions:

  1. Why does it have to do an update every time the application is run?
  2. Why does it require a restart / reboot after every system clean?

On another note, until very recently I used ESET’s Security Suite 4.0. I did have some issues with it, which I reported, only to receive a rather curt response from an ESET agent. I had no hesitation in obtaining a paid-up copy of CIS and uninstalling ESS 4.X, despite having a licence to use it for another year or so.

I’m sure the reader will appreciate the attitudinal difference between ESET and Comodo. Thank you, Comodo!


  1. You can disable the automatic update: Click on Misc. in the upper right corner and uncheck the “Check for updates when application starts” box.

  2. Under the “Settings” for each program (CRC, CDC, CPC), you can deselect “Use Registry Protection” and “Safe Delete” to avoid rebooting. Be aware that by not using these safeguards, it won’t guarantee that you will be able to boot the computer if errors occur.


  1. The updates that are being made at launch refer to the updates that we perform to CSC database server; this can involve changes in the existing records or new supported applications that are added to database;
  2. When using Safe Delete function a restart is required for the driver to take effect; the driver’s task is to simulate the deletion of some files by denying access to them; after restart the user has to verify if everything works as before(installed applications or Windows behavior) and by this to choose one of the options available: Restore or Finalize;

If you don’t want to use this options you can follow the instructions LAR Grizzly gave. They are checked by default because they are the recommended settings.

Thank you for your support.