CSC Updater

Hi when i download CSC from here

I update CSC in the usual manner by pressing the check for updates. This fails to give me the updated program list so I need to go into the CSC folder in my hard drive and double click on UpdateApplications Would it not be a sencible idea if Comod added this to the folder in the start menu so that people would not have to go into there hard drive to find it.



The “Check for Updates” button on the main interface is for the updates regarding the application itself, it checks for a new version of COMODO System Cleaner. It has nothing to do with the updates regarding the supported applications from our database.

Thank you.

Thanks for clearing that up. Would it not be a good idea to have this UpdateApplications which is in the CSC folder as a shortcut in the CSC folder in the start menu. As people do not want to be going into there hard drive to update the application list. Do you understand what I mean? I am not complaining only trying to make CSC better ;D

Okay… this clears up my question. I can’t imagine the average end-user would think to look into the program folder for these application updates. I think it was a better idea when it automatically did it every time you started CSC. I just reformatted my PC and CSC was one of the first things I put on. I noticed it wasn’t updating my lists as I added new programs, and now I know why. I thought that in “misc” if I had the box checked to look for updates when I started CSC it would cover that. Even though I have that boxed checked it in fact doesn’t look for updates (neither for new apps or the program itself).

I also see that it sets a scheduled task to update every day. Is this a program update, or an update to the app. lists? Both?

I realize some people may have complained about the program trying to establish a connection every time you start it, and that’s probably why this was changed. A simple outbound firewall (Comodo happens to make a nice one :slight_smile: can take care of that problem. I personally just set a rule to allow outbound because I trust Comodo products and let it do it’s thing. Now I’ll have to remember to go into that folder once in awhile to look for these app updates, unless of course that daily update covers that?

To sum up… I prefer the way it used to be. If it can’t go back to that, it would at least be a good idea to add the option to update the app. lists in the program itself, perhaps put a separate button right beside the button to update the program itself? Or let the end user make the decision as to whether or not they want it to search for app. list updates when you start the program (a check box in “settings” or “misc” somewhere).

I’m with Brendan on this one. I don’t want this to come across as complaining, but rather constructive feedback. I love Comodo products and want them to be the best that they can be.

This is doubly more confusing on the portable version. I thought they were one in the same.
Comodo should have two update buttons on the main program. One for applications and one for database.