CSC Updater Can't Be Uninstalled

I have been using CSC v2 for quite a while and decided to upgrade to v3.0.150523.4. Its probably my fault for blocking its frequent updates, but the program fused to delete the files which it had scanned. I uninstalled CSC with Revo and it said that one file was left and that it would be deleted during the next restart. Well I restarted the computer, but the Comodo-System Cleaner/Updater.exe is still as the last hold out in the program’s file and had made over 200 attempts to run! What can I do to get rid of this nuisance?


[attachment deleted by admin]

After several 100 more attempts to run which were successfully blocked by Comodo Firewall I decided to restore a Macrium Reflect Image Backup from before CSC v3.0.150523.4 was installed. After the restoration I checked my computer and to my surprise the leftover files from the CSC v2.2.335611.5 uninstall were still on the drive, but the CSC Updater.exe had alresdy been removed and a simple delete got rid of all of the remnants in the CSC v2.2.335611.5 program file!

I still haven’t figured out why the CSC v3.0.150523.4 Updater.exe could not be deleted, but I continue to run CSC because its a great program only now i am using the portable version of CSC v2.2.335611.5 that doesn’t have an Update.exe just to be safe.