csc removing windows 7 taskbar pinned items

hi all,
im using windows 7 and csc v3.0.
the problem i am having is that whenever csc runs a clean opperation, after i restart my computer i have lost all of my taskbar pinned items (to clarify: not the icons on the actual taskbar but the pinned items that appear on the right click menus of those taskbar icons - see screenshot)

can someone please tell me which cleaner module and which option these come under so i can disable csc from deleting them.

[attachment deleted by admin]


Thank you for reporting this issue to us. To prevent COMODO System-Cleaner from deleting the pinned items you should go to the ‘Disk Cleaner’ module and uncheck the ‘Recent File List’ subcategory from the ‘Windows Log Files’ category. We will fix this problem in the future releases.

Thank you for your support!