CSC Registry Clean

Newbie question.
In cleaning the registry, I’m coming up with over 400 on average “unsafe to delete” compared to 50 or less deletables.

  1. If they’re unsafe to delete, why are they listed?
  2. That seems like an inordinate number between the two.

Clarification appreciated.

Hello MistNC,

Welcome to the foum.

Do not remove any of the registry entries designated as “unsafe to delete.” These are listed for the use of “expert” users. Deleting these entries can crash your system if you do not know what you are deleting (i.e. they are NOT safe to delete in many circumstances).
I suggest you navigate to Registry Cleaner > Settings and uncheck “scan for unsafe entries to delete.” This will prevent them from being listed in the results window, and will prevent potential harm to your system. I know the registry cleaner is supposed to be 100% safe, but why risk a crash? Besides, it may take a while (perhaps a long while after you’ve finalized the changes with registry protection) to realize that a necessary registry entry was deleted! Better safe than sorry.

Yes, this “unsafe to delete” terminology has befuddled many users. I hope Comodo resolves this issue so that it does not continue to generate confusion and questions. See the solution I proposed in this post.

I don’t know enough about the registry or the registry cleaner to address this question. However, I do not think it poses any problem. Perhaps someone with more technical knowledge can address this.

Thanks for the welcome and answering my question.
Easy done - just turn it off. Solves problem and any wayward fingers - mine.
Oh, yes, last thing I need is a system failure.
Thanks again.