CSC Issues, Blue Screen

This product has caused serious computer issues with my system. It Blue Screens about once an hour now and has only started to do so after the instillation and use of CSC. I have not had these issues before and the computer has never let me down.

I would suggest uninstalling v3.0 and going back to v2.2! :cry:;msg453842#msg453842;msg454085#msg454085;msg457752#msg457752

Version 2.2 can be found here:;msg377252#msg377252

Has version 2.2 had these same types of issue’s? Would rather not use if it’s unstable, not tested well.

I’ve been using v2.2 since its final release with no problems. It works fine on my system (WinXP Pro 32 bit).

Ok, Thanks and I appreciate the info. I’ll try 2.2 and see if it works better.