CSC is a big mess

Even though application is designed great it has severe critical problems with its own updater which keeps on repeating there is a new update and after you update it notifies you again, program crashes after updater wants to do its magic. I even tried restarting and again it was saying there is a new update.

And Ignore feature doesn’t work in registry cleaner.The very entries that are on ignore list are also detected for deletion. CurrentVersion\App Management\ARPcache for example. Thank god i reviewed the entries before deletion.
I only selected Uninstall locations and got loads of entries that shouldn’t be there.

64bit version of CSC, 1.0.60093.19 on Vista x64


Please post a print screen of the issue that you found. Thank you.

I’ll do that in the evening but i see no reason to do that. Updater doesn’t seem to work right just like i explained and ignored registry entries that are on ignore list are detected anyway for deletion.

The default entries from the Ignore List are for In-depth search section only . ArpCache key, for example, is in Ignore list, because we don’t want to appear in In-depth section too . It is already found in the Uninstall section . Some sections are included in the In-Depth search , so we shouldn’t count some entries twice.

Yesterday and early today I also had CSC Update notices over and over again,
untill I did a thorough cleaning using my other registry and file cleaners.

Then did a fresh install of the new beta did the first update and on reboot it did not continually ask anymore. Did notice I had reminenants of the CRC, but also after unsitalling did a search for Comodo System Cleaner and found 5 more entries to delete.

One strange error pops up once in a wihile dealing with hplsbwatcher.exe but running CSC a second time solved it.

In my wish list asked for broken links and shortcuts to be deleted. Currently it looks like CSC does not because twice Toni Arts EasyCleaner removed links after running CSC once after a reboot.

Hope the developers will consider adding it to the cleanup program and adding in Wipe an option to “WIPE Free Space”

Another Safety Issue, Several times I see both Create Restore Point and Delete Previous restore points next to each other. Delete Previous Restore Points should not be so close.
It is TOO Easy to Remove Previous Restore Points, Especially if a user is tired and just starts clicking to remove junk.


I download latest CSC 64bit from official webpage, run updater and this is what i get right away. After i click Update and restart, click Update again next time and it’ll again say there is a new version even though i’ve updated it zilion times.
Detailed enough or should i paint it?

Also some files are altered out of the box. Wtf!?

Anyone cares to fix the darn updater and integrity status!?

These are known errors indeed, my observation is that they’re fixed in the 1.1 beta. My opinion is that they released CSC too early, 1.1 should have been the first non-beta… However I’m confident future versions of CSC will be fine.