CSC Installation (64bit version)

I have just installed CSC on my Vista 64 bit laptop and very impressed with the results, but have a couple of queries?

Why did it install to Program Files(86) instead of Program Files, 64 bit programs should go into Program Files?

After scanning it found a couple of ‘errors’ in Windows, when it finished cleaning/removing it was unable to clean these as they were locked as opened/running by Windows? How do you remove these files?

Thanks for an excellent program.


Concering the install location of CSC:
I myself asked this question awhile ago, Egemen’s reply was a bug in the installer that would not let it install to the correct folder properly.

Thanks for clearing that, maybe that’s why it wont clean those window parts (unable to unlock them).

Install location is the Installer’s function. CSC itself is x64 if you installed that flavour.


The next version will be installed in Program Files on 64 bit operating systems.

Thank you for your support.

Until next version, you can use the portable CSC and put it in the right folder. :-La

Thanks all for the information, no great problem being in wrong directory, will wait for next version.