CSC found thousands of nonexistent temp files

I’m using Widows 7 Ultimate and CSC 2.1.114194.1.
CDC found in windows temp directory thousands of temorary files (please see attached files), but these file do not exist in this directory (system and hiden files are visible) and CDC could not remove these files.
Any suggestion?
Thanks, Milan

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Same here (Windows 7) - files not found even with hidden and system files visible and not listed in the properties for temp folder.

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I got 2 idea for these:

  1. it was deleted anyway by the system itself;
  2. (which can be part of 1.) CSC read out registry infos, which are obsolate (~basicly, those are temporary registry keys).

I have to mention you got Win7 and i’m not using it, so once again, ideas only.

I have the same issue with Windows 7 Professional 64 bit on a brand new install. CSC shows it found over 35,000 files located in the C:\Windows\TEMP folder which appear not to exist. Please note that I said “appear”! Were it obsolete Registry infos, I would think that JV16 Registry cleaner would find them, but it does not even with the DEEP (and very unsafe) scanning option. I also have System and Hidden files visible. I have the proper Security permissions to view these “TMP” files if they were there but I can not find any “TMP” files anywhere. I won’t mention names but I installed two other “Temp” file cleaners and they also did not find any of these files. I tried to find them in “SAFE” mode also but could not. So, this is a puzzle! ???


Thank you for all you reports. This issue will be fixed in the next releases of CSC.

But what were they caused by? :stuck_out_tongue:

also a problem on XP (pro sp3); though not nearly as many files listed.

p.s. the screenshot looks funky probably because of the transparency effect on CSC - really should give an option to disable that, especially on low end systems (and those of us who think transparency is a substitute for good gui design*). plus maximising the screen leaves area at the top and bottom.


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