CSC Article On TSA

Hello I am a proud user of CSC. I am also an editor over at a very well known freeware site TSA

I am the editor for The Best Free Browser Scrubber, my review is here.

As you can see I have picked CSC as a pic and reviewed it fairly. I wanted to ask Comodo staff and members if they have the time could they please read this and maybe they can suggest to me anything that they would like me to add to the article about CSC.

Thank you for your time

Brendan Bryson

Good review…

Thank you Brendan.


Hi Brendan,

CSC does clean Firefox, but I don’t have Opera.

I guess you need to have programs installed for them to show up in the list.

Thanks for this. I have updated the article.


some notes on CSC. the registry entries it finds should be 99% safe to delete. only when you go to settings and select “extended scan for expert users” you should be carefull.

Also, it only requires a restart when using registry protection. Even when you kill a needed key or file, you will be able to reboot and fix it. It will also still backup. so 2 mechanisms. If you disable it, you still have the backup feature and you don’t need to backup.

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Thank you very much I will integrate this into my article. I know that it creates a back up and also system restore point. I would be very interested in anything else people would like me to change or integrate into my article. I will be adding a new application soon Fcleaner. Now keep in mind that my article is about a best free browser scrubber so I do not want to be going into any other cleaning options too deeply.


Please confirm is registry protect enabled with default settings?



yes, registry protection is enabled by default.

will be adding a new application soon Fcleaner.

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Thanks you very much. I was pointed in this direction by one of my fellow editors and since have had great advice from both users and Comodo staff. It is great that a software vendor like Comodo can follow up and not just throw software out and not update/support it. I very much appreciate all of those who have read my article and please rest assured that I will be updating it on a daily basis to tell you all about the best free browser scrubbers out there.