CSC 3.0 causing XP to become unstable

I recenlty upgraded to ver. 3.0 and my XP became unstable. Could not reboot, could not use Task Mgr. and everything froze. I have tried to uninstall it and it will not uninstall. Are there issues with XP SP3 and CSC ver. 3.0?

Hello Gordonia

You’re not alone!

I have XP SP3 and version 3.0 is causing my PC to crash. Windows tells me to uninstall any recently installed hardware or software. Version 2.0 was not a problem.

By going into Task Manager, I’ve discovered that the process Cleaner_Validator.exe, which I do not believe was in version 2.0, is consistently using large amounts of CPU, causing CPU to run at 100% for long periods of time and locking up the PC.

I’ve reported this to Comodo, but so far I’m only being asked to report matters back to them, such as what other utilities I have running.


I also had problem with my windows XP… with clean active ON and the service Cleaner_Validator.exe on automatic (and started) my system became unusable but when I put the service on manual and clean active OFF, my system works OK??? Well I spoke too fast because now I can’t close my windows with the service stop and active clean off… Too bad but for now I will remove CSC and wait for a version that solves those issues!!!

Hope they can solve those issues quickly :wink:


My problem ended up that I could not remove ver. 3.0. Nothing I try will take it off the system, in Safe Mode or Add/Remove. It seems to be there but no longer working which has stopped the crashing of the system. I wish Comodo would address this but I find no way to get help from them.

Well one the funny thing is before I install CSC, i first install Comodo program manager so it can monitor the install of CSC and remove any trace of it in case of problem… When I decided to remove CSC, I use CPM but it didn’t monitor the install of CSC and I couldn’t remove it this way because of an updater.exe that was supposedly open wich was not!!! :-TD I finally remove it with my Your Uninstaller!

after reading that last post I installed Your Uninstaller and it did remove the CSC program. Thanks! Do you like that program? It did for me what nothing else I had tried would do and I have the test version to use for 21 days.

Hi Gordonia,

Yes, I really like Your Uninstaller! I have the pro version on my pc with windows xp and I have no complaint about it, it is great! There is also revo uninstaller wich is free who can do some of the thing that Your uninstaller can do…

Best regards,