Crystal shield antivirus

This Is a really new softare that has been released. It looks pretty decent. I will have the link for those testers who want to test this software.

No official site. Looks better than Rising AV but very dodgy. I would never use such AV’s. I don’t know who made it, what are the vulnerabilities and what info they want from my PC. It’s free so I guess few ppl might use it but still with so many free AV’s with big names out there it’s doomed.

I found the ‘Official’ website - on a free hosting service ?

Written by a guy / team? in Sri Lanka

Thanks but No Thanks - I’ll stick with CIS :slight_smile:

Lets see if I test it today, will post the result here

Downloaded from & softpedia. The installation for both the installers mentioned installer package has problem.

Tried in safe mode - I got a window mentioning something like This software is forbidden from the system policy.

Couldn’t install it in any way.

Tried on real system xp sp3 32 bits.

LOL! It’s prob a fake AV. The so called site for it is even more doggy.

You probably don’t want to go around calling things ‘doggy’. Just trust me on this. :stuck_out_tongue:
I believe you are looking for the word ‘dodgy’.
But yes, it does look extremely suspicious. The user interface looks like a standard rogue. Softpedia doesn’t usually get mixed up with these sorts of programs. :frowning:

It probably passed the antivirus scan which was why it was included (assuming of course it’s a rogue). It hasn’t been tested yet, so there’s not editor’s review.

Ha ha ha LOL! Example when my mind think one thing and I write another LOL! :slight_smile:

Nice interface But I won’t try.

  1. be aware-- crystal shield antivirus is trojan!!

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Trying again from softpedia & if it would install, will test & post the resullts here.

Softpedia user reviews are very good about it so thought lets try it again & see how good it is.

Tested it on real system XP SP3 32 Bits.

Fake AV’s are way better than this. It detects FPs like hell. On my system it detected everything as trojan, exploit, unwanted, etc. VLC, VT Uploader, Dell Drivers, Windows files, etc all are trojan & exploit for it.

I downloaded a malware pack from malwaretips containing 123 malware. The top AV mentioned there like kaspersky, bitdefender, emsisoft, etc detects app. 90-115 malware of this pack. This AVs love for FPs is so strong that it beat them all by missing only 5 malware from the pack. I ran those 5 malware, no alert was there but all the 5 malware after clicking disappeared from the folder, were not in the quarantine.

Fake AVs will keep you more safe atleast they will not allow you to do anything but this will semi-format your system.

When you install it it gives you The suspicious feeling. I got goose bump & fever for 5 mins. I got a feeling like it is stealing everything from my system.

Stay away from this AV.

thanks for your opinion. when I ran it. It is suspicious looking.

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:-TD i write to cyberpolice about this “AV”…