Crystal Security and Comodo?


Today I recently came across a free cloud scanner from a company call Crystal Security. They offer a free antivirus and a cloud scanner that apparently uses virus total,and comodo’s valkyrie and camas. I was wondering, can they do this? Does Comodo allow companies to use their malware analysis tools in their products? I haven’t used this program but I’ll test it when it get’s trusted by comodo. On I side note, It would be interesting for someone to infect a pc and use this to clean it, I would like to see how well it can do :slight_smile:

Here is a link to Crystal Security if anyone is interested:

It’s not a problem. We actually have a topic from Crystal Security developer here where he presents new test builds and gets feedback about bugs from forum members.

Interesting…A bit odd that his software isn’t white-listed by Comodo already though ???

Why is that odd? Has someone submitted it for whitelisting?

I submitted it today. But as the developer has been here before and even present new test builds, he should submit then for white-listing also, plus the digital signature I saw on one of the programs files were not trusted by comodo.


Thank you ‘Netguy101’ for your suggestion.

Sent Crystal Security.exe latest version for whitelisting.