Crystal anti exploit

I found this program after doing a search on google for anti-exploit programs and this program was the only program that showed up in the results. I don’t know how good it is, so if any of you guys could test this piece of software and give me your opinion, I would appreciate it. Please note that this product is new and is in beta and not recognized by almost any security software. The protection setting I have on is Maximum.

Here is the link to the download.


Some guys have tested this software :

From the above mentioned topic I quote the summary by kees1958:

1. EMET/Buffer Overflow guard like functionality
2. Monitors (allow/block) process creation (same process name spawning is often legitemate but is also used to hijack process credentials)
3. Blocks code execution from obvious drive by drop zones (temp, download, netshare,etc)
4. Whitelist/blacklist function for protected programs to allow execution of specified dll’s (e.g. only allow your browser to run flash and pdf)
5. Active-X and Content filtering for IE. Content filtering involves data formats which could have code in it like images and streaming media. The author has planned some more options (but I think he might a bit over ambitious in his goals).