One day, I purchased Crysis. Because I wanted to play on multi game server.
I installed Crysis directly. And then I connected to multi game server.
2 hours later, I got enough points to buy a chopper in the multi game.
So I moved to an airplane hangar. I spent all of my points to buy a chopper.
When I was waiting for a chopper, somebody came to me.
He told me “Heycan you give me a chance to drive a chopper? I’m really
~~”. I trusted him so I gave a chopper. And I became a gunner instead of a
pilot. While he was taking off from the airplane hangar, I was checking my aim point.
All of a sudden, he drove a chopper directly to the Turret. And then we were both dead.
It took only 2sec from taking off to crashed.
He told me “I’m sorry”.
I just forgave him.
3 hours later,
I got enough points to buy a Gauss Tank at this time. So I moved to the place for
Alien Technology then I spent all of my points to buy a Gauss Tank.
When I was waiting for a Gauss Tank, that guys came to me again.
He told me “Hey~ Can you give a chance to drive Gauss Tank? I promise I can do it
Better than before, I guarantee I’m really good. Trust me this time”
So I gave Gauss Tank then I became a gunner instead of a driver.
When we start to move from the factory, some bright flash made my eyes almost blind.
I didn’t realized what was that at the moment. I could only find a mushroom behind of
the brightness. After brightness gone, I found a message from the server. The server said that the guy left this server.
Yes an enemy’s Nuke Tank shot the NUKE to my tank directly.
Also I found my destroyed Gauss Tank and my body on the ground. :’(
It took only 3 sec.
Where was my 5 hours?
Anybody know who was he?
Was that you GANDA? ;D ;D ;D

I used to play Crysis Warhead.
Warhead is much better than Crysis original except the story.

Are you going to be mad if I LOL’ed?

…if I were you.
I’m going to stalk at that guy arsh.
…like snipping at he’s butt from, like…half across the map view…

The point is: you’re too naive for trusting some basteed twice in a row.

I usually stalk those kind of bad one until he disconnects.
But he was a newbie. I met him at the different server.
He doesn’t know how to control vehicles and play Crysis multi. ;D ;D ;D

i don’t play online game 88)
sounds fun though, ruining other ppl’s hardwork ;D

and you believed in his promise & took the noob guarantee? 88)

nice ;D

Now I’m LOL’ed!!

GANDA please give my tank back.
Please~~~~~~~~ ;D
I will not torture you anymore.
Otherwise, I’ll torture you.
;D ;D ;D

Should this be in the FMYLIFE thread?? ROFL

;D ;D ;D
I like you panic.
Can you take care of GANDA?
Please torture him.

Then give Crysis to Ganda and kill him all the time. You know, just use the stealth and when he passes you just grab him and go to power mode


grab and power mode is so brutal… ;D ;D ;D
I can grab and use him as a shield. ;D ;D ;D
The problem is there are too many cheaters on Crysis servers…
(other games too)
They can even see stealth mode. :’(
Some cheaters kills all of players in the game all at once.
I can use those trainers but I don’t.
I don’t understand why they use those trainers…


i don’t play online game, but i think in certain online games,you’ll be banned if you’re cheating/using trainer ???

Buy Crysis 2 Warhead as fast as you can.
We are waiting for you. ;D ;D ;D

ow, where do i get the trainer? :-La :-TU ;D

It’s stupid to use a trainer online. It just messes up all the fun. I was in a server ones (yeah crysis) and I got killed always 20 secs after I was spawned, how boring’s that ? There wasn’t even one near me… stupid cheaters…


it’s not boring from the cheater’s point of view ;D

Let’s torture cheater GANDA. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, we have a new spammer, all he says is : let’s torture Ganda ;D


And this is the only spammer I happen to agree with and like. ;D

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lol, you should’ve put a happy smilly there instead of a sad one :slight_smile: