Cryptor rootkit virus - help please

I have stopped using my other pc, as it has the cryptor virus (detected and isolated, but not deleted, by avg antivirus). But I need to transfer files and images from that pc to the one I am using now. In case this is an aurorun or rootkit virus, how can I transfer my files safely from the other pc’s hard drive and ext hard drive?

I use Comodo and Avast for protection.

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You can try to run in safe-mode; not all viruses/malware run in safe-mode.

can you tell me what file we are talking about? If I find it I will send you the tool you need to remove that virus.


I would also advise that on the computer you’re transferring the files to you disable autorun and have Comodo Firewall set to safe mode and the sandbox set to blocked. This way nothing can install to your uninfected computer even if something installs itself to the flash drive.

Just be specific about what you copy and paste from the flash drive as well.