It seems this thing appeared a few days ago, and apparently it’s one of the worst things you can catch.

Yeah I heard about this ransomware from the Mrizos as well :slight_smile: , so I’m really curious how effectively the Comodo auto sandbox or HIPS would isolate this malware and its activity?
Also speaking of HIPS is it possible to configure the Comodo HIPS to restrict access to any additional drives on your system? ??? Since Cryptolocker is able to spread its ‘effects’ to any drive you have attached during the infection. >:-D :cry:

As for auto-sandbox, I asume it’s as with most other ransomware, meaning Partially limited (default) = you’ll get infected, Limited and above = you won’t get infected. Fully virtualized is supposed to block it as well.

I have got the cryptolocker hijacker/virus and I am not sure what to do. In total I have 3 computers (including the infected one) and I just bought comodo for all 3. May I ask what you mean by “limited and above”? Thank you very much, I have been to many [url=http://other websites[/url] and this one is the most helpful.

He’s referring to the sandbox setting.