CryptoLocker detection?

I was wondering if CIS was able to detect CryptoLocker, since other antivirus have trouble with it.

Here is a reddit post explaning what it is.
Be careful to not click on the exe inside the post, since it’s the virus.

Hi Syl ,

Thanks for reporting.
Could you please submit the detected file at
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so… you want me to download the virus on my computer, then upload it with your form?
That would be a stupid move, I don’t download this shit.

I downloaded it from that site and CIS detected it as malware.

I haven’t found the sample link in this article。

About the sample in this article CryptoLocker (Trojan:Win32/Crilock.A) Sample SHA1: 65559245709fe98052eb284577f1fd61c01ad20d, CIS have detected.

Qiuhui.■■■■, I have sent you a PM with the link provided in the original article.

About file name:1002.exe SHA1:1ccb7703f1862f76ba0992d16cf5478e6562314f

this is normal file.

thanks for the update.

Any updates on CIS and CryptoLocker? This is a very nasty piece of malware, would the CIS sandbox stop it from executing or not?

CIS protects users from CryptoLocker - you are 100% immune when browsing through the CIS browsing feature. This blog post explains it all, plus what to do if you’re already infected.