Crushed PC


Yesterday I updated CIS and it wants to reboot the computer. I didn’t do that immediately, but later. Next day Windows boot normally but when I logged into the my profile the part of programs from the startup started itself, and after starting CIS computer didn’t match. Computer was crushed, but when I turned off from startup CIS, computer and all startup programs works.

What can I do? I think that the reinstallation will change nothing.
My OS: Windows XP Pro SP3

P.S. I apologise for my English

Go into safe mode, and uninstall CIS, and tomorrow there will be a update that will fix this problem, download it then.

Thank you very much! But a read topic: problem with comodo upgrade
and you wrote there that I (we) must wait a week. If it’s true I will keep eye on forum.

P.S. I like Comodo and I saw one really good test with Internet Security suits and CIS is first and have 100% effectivenesses! But also I can’t find any test with Comodo AV or for example HIPS, btw I read that Comodo AV isn’t very good. What do you think about it?

EDIT: OK! It’s works! But updater stopped at 30%