Crossloop permission

Hello: I could not find anywhere else to post this, so here goes!
I had Crossloop.exe as a trusted site along with crossloop view.exe
and for awhile had no problems! But today I tried to help my brother with his pc and was not
able to connect crossloop. But when I let him take over my pc with it, it went thru just fine with no
So I went to the comodo did this>>>
Open Comodo, click on Firewall tab (top) then on left side, click on Advanced, then Predefined Firewall policies, then click on Trusted Applications, then ADD, then on new screen click on Arrow “Copy From” drop down menu put your mouse over Another Application, go up to Crossloop.exe and click it, it will go into the window and you click at bottom on "APPLY!
Crossloop was not among the options.
How do I get Crossloop as my trusted application again so I can connect it to my brothers pc, like I use
too? Thanks

If your application is still listed in your rules, select it and click ‘Edit’.
If not,
From the Firewall Application Rules (Network Security Policy), click ‘Add’ and add the application, and select the rule you wish to use (Trusted).