Cron not working

I’m using the rules with Webmin.

I can successfully update the rules in SSH using ‘sudo perl /opt/cwaf/scripts/’ which returns ‘update process finished!’. Howerver, when I set it as a scheduled cron job, executed as root, it fails with:

Output from command /opt/cwaf/scripts/ ..

ERROR: can’t connect to CWAF rules server. See logs for details.

update process finished!

Any idea why this is happening?

Please check CWAF logs in /var/log/CWAF/utils.log

If you get following error message:

Error reason: Your client version is not supported by current ruleset. Please update to latest client version.

update client to latest version (2.1.1)
In nearest future we planning to release new rules with extended structure of categories.
New client contains code to correctly adapt existing exclude list to new rules structure.