Critical Windows updates warning

What about the warning that CIS should give in case of critical Windows update availability??
Yesterday I downloaded several updates…without any popup from CIS… :-
Perhaps they decided to eliminate this new and useful feature?

Were those updates marked as critical by Microsoft?

They were marked as high priority updates.
Normally I use the custom update mode…so the Microsoft site allows you to choose what updates you wnt to download…and they are divided in 3 different categories: High priority, Software and Hardware…but maybe I’m wrong…and High priority is not like Critical…

They didn’t eliminate this warning… I’ve downloaded updates too yesterday (security updates and the monthly mrt tool for my win xp) and CIS warned me that the update.exe wants to do the usual bla-bla.

It’s how you set CIS… probably you have lighter settings, I’ve set mine to Internet Security (av=on access, d+=paranoid, sandbox=disabled, fw=custom policy) with the alerts set to Very High for fw and unrecognized files treated as untrusted for the d+ and cloud scanning is on. Everything is set to high on my end, answering pop-ups is a small price to pay as opposed to getting infected and reinstalling the os and all the software again imo.
The update executable from win is set to custom on the fw.

This warnings are coming from Comodo Message Center and shouldn’t depend on other settings…