Critical Update for killbit from MS this week affects much more than IE

Important read

This is from an out of cycle issue from Windows Secrets, because of the critical possibilities.

And for those that use Opera or Firefox read further down, programs that were created with Visual Studio Active Templates Library may be Vulnerable TOO !


Wow but that article has me confused though. I mean I got the first patch but how I understand it the 2nd patch is for developers that use Visual Studio and I do not use Visual Studio as far as I understand. The writer of that article indicates that we should all get the 2nd patch but like I said how can that be for someone like me that don’t use Visual Studio???

I did search my pc and found that in my system32 folder there is a atl.dll file also in another windows subfolder with some name like x86_Microsoft.Tools.Visual something else I can’t remember the name but I don’t know what apps those belong to and the article said that if you have the atl.dll file you are at risk. If anything I think those files come once you install Windows Xp (judging from the date).

Sorry it took so long to reply. All I can say is I do updates not immediately but a day after. I know when I did a manual scan and checked the updates that were available killbits was one that was available again.
And I just have a plain 32bit XP-Home System.

When in doubt always run a manual Microsoft Update scan to see what is available. You do not need to download immediately but should as quickly as possilbe. I usually wait 8 to 24 hours after the initial release.


No worries dude as I ran windows update and found one of the updates addressed this issue.