"Critical Error !" -> computer crashes

First off, let me say that I’m not 100% sure of my version. That being said, here’s the problem:

Normal boot: Critical Error! Comodo Firewall does not seem to be started or installed properly. Do you want to start the diagnostics utility to fix the problem?

Then, my computer shuts down immediately.

Safe mode: crash and immediate shutdown, no message displayed.


lsass.exe error, crash and immediate shutdown.

Debugging mode: bcmwltray.exe (?) crashes and computer shuts down immediately.

Last Known Good Configuration: “windows cannot create temporary user environment”, crash and immediate shutdown.

Normally, I would just format my drive, but now I’ve got some important documents on it, that I do not want to lose. Could you please help me? Thank you in advance.


please refer to this link to get your desktop, then uninstall comodo.

Hopeit will help


Thanks for your reply, aditya_dmj! I found something similar to the article you mentioned yesterday. I might try it. I don’t like fiddling around too much though when there are still files on the disk I need to save. What I thought of myself this afternoon: Knoppix Live CD, not to solve the problem, but to allow me to save the files I need. Do you think that is possible? Sorry if this is too unrelated to Comodo to be answered here.


agrees with you, your first priority should be to recover your data. computer can be fixed later.

I have never tried Knoppix live CD but I think any boot CD wiich supports NTFS should allow you to backup yours docs.

remember there is glitch that C:\documents and settings folder is stored with 8.3 DOS name on Windows , So there are chances that if your CD runs in command mode you will not be able to reach your My Documents folder.

if it runs in graphical mode(i.e explorer like shell) then its diffrent.
If all else fails ,try parallel installation of windows to just recover your DATA only.

I used the methode in KB sucessfully but it is complicated no doubt dont try if your not comfortable.

-one old very common sugestion always move your My documents folder to Non system partion on your disk (i.e D:)

It preservs data even in case of reinstallation

Any way good luck