Critical Error! CFP.exe is not being started from the installation directory.

I have done a search for this on these forums, but the only post was a thread from December 2007 that did not have a solution.

I have started getting this message on two different desktop computers:

Critical Error!
CFP.exe is not being started from the installation directory. You should run it from C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security to make it function properly. Do you still want to continue?

If I reply Yes, I get another critical error that says CIS does not seem to be started or installed properly, and asks me to start diagnostics utility to fix. Replying Yes results in problems detected, but it is unable to fix. I have created several diagnostics logs from this process.

Both computers are running XP Pro and have had CIS installed and running without incident for a month or so.

I have done a search for CFP.exe on the computers, and the file does not appear in any directory except the installation directory and the “Repair” subdirectory. However, both computers do have cfp.exe-0DF700AD.PF in the C:|Windows\Prefetch directory. I deleted the file from the prefetch directory and it allowed the computer to restart without the error message, but it came back sometime later.

On one computer I completely removed CIS, downloaded the newest version and reinstalled it with a full scan. The scan did not find anything and the installation seemed to run without incident. On the first restart I got the same Critical Error one time, but subsequent restarts have been fine.

Is this a known problem? How about a known solution? Thanx

Here is an update - On the PC that has not had CIS reinstalled to fix the problem, I tried restarting CIS and going through the series of error messages again, that time it said it succeeded in repair. After reboot, the same problems were happening, so I just kept trying the repair and reboot - sometimes CIS would start after reboot, sometimes not. After about six iterations of this, with at least three repairs and one forced update, I have managed to get two clean boots in a row! (how little it takes to get me excited after fighting these types of problems) Both PCs are now running CIS 3.5.5-7173.439. Both computers now show the same two files in the Windows\prefetch directory:

I’ll update this thread in a day or two after I see how they continue to run. If the diagnostics logs would be of any interest, please tell me where to send them.

Let checkdisk check your hard driver to see if there are problems with the file system. Go to Start → Run → cmd → chkdsk /f for the partition CIS is on → let it check on the next reboot.

I have exactly the same problem. then later I get msg. “Error while loading resources from c:program files\comodo\Comodo internet security\cfp.dll” anyone have suggestions?

Hello, Your problem may be different.
Try using the diagnostics function in comodo → Comodo → Misc → diagnostics.
If that doesn’t work try a reinstall.

If your still having problems then come let us know and we’ll do our best to help you.

Hi all
I also had this problem, and spent the last 2 days trying to fix >:(

It started after installing the newest version, at the same time as swapping my 2 dvd rom drives back around. After swapping computer case 2 weeks ago I had accidentally connected the 2 disk drives the wrong way around, although this didn’t cause any problems.
The designation of the c: drive on which comodo was installed didn’t change, so don’t know why comodo was complaining about it needing to be run from the folder it was actually installed to ! ???

Either way I tried:
uninstalling and reinstalling on multiple occasions
checking the hard drive with scandisk (chkdsk) and various other disk apps
repairing and forcing repair using diagnostics. Repair failed multiple times. sometimes it worked but on reboot would always give same error message.

In the end I only succeeded by uninstalling, and deleting all remaining remnants of the application (comodo directory in program files, all comodo folders in documents and settings, all registry entries (including locked registry entries)).
After reinstall all now seems to be working ok ! ;D

If I may request (as feedback) :slight_smile: , is there any chance of comodo developing a standalone uninstaller (like Symantec, Avast etc…) that would remove ALL entries, like registry entries etc …
It would save a lot of time on having to go through the registry manually trying to remove remaining entries.

I must say though !ot! that from first usage of the new version, it seems a lot more user friendly ;D keep up the good work :slight_smile:

There is a non official cleaning tool that works for Windows XP:;msg259617#msg259617 .

According to Comodo their uninstaller works like it should so they don’t see a reason to provide a cleaning tool.

After multiple uninstalls, I would debate whether the uninstaller works as it should :slight_smile:
Thanks Eric for the link for the batch file anyway, will keep it in my arsenal and give it a try if have any more problems.
Maybe if someone else has the same problem, they can report back if uninstalling, running the cleaner tool and reinstall after solves this problem.
All looks good so far, so fingers crossed … ;D

Glad the problem seems solved.