Critical Bug in CIS Firewall

I have recently updated CIS to latest version, now I have serious problems with the firewall.

I have Always used the manual mode so that Comodo ask me if I want to allow or block an application, now this doesn’t work properly and with some programs like “java.exe” (Java Runtime) the firewall popup continuously to ask if I want to allow or block the application also if I check “remember the choice” before click allow and create a firewall rule where set the program as secure application.

This bug is awful and needs an urgent investigation… I’m forced to unistall CIS and use another product from competitors.

I have Windows 8.1 x64

One way to reproduce the issue easily

  1. Install Java SDK and Android Toolkit Download Android Studio & App Tools - Android Developers

  2. Try to Open Android SDK Manager (that requires connection using JDK executable java.exe)

Android SDK will be unable to connect to internet correctly despite the setting and firewall will popup continuously.

In the previous version there isn’t this bug.

Searching on internet I have seen other users that have encounter same bug with same CIS version and different programs.

Almost the same with me, but here a program of the Windows Office package make this with me. So even if I click on Allow or Block or Treat as trusted application, and check the checkbox, CIS is still asking for permission if it shall allow the application to reach the internet or not.

My suggestion is to try an older version, let’s say: 8.1

And here’s another post from 2010

Can you describe another way w/o any installations?

Due to this bug currently have unistalled CIS, so unfortunately I cannot indicate other ways to reproduce the bug.
The problem seems pretty common, considering how many user are encountering similar problems after the update.

I don’t think so that we have a bug here.
Java program or JavaW program is a framework for multiples uses.
If the firewall is asking you any time about this component with it try to connect to internet, maybe is because the program is executing the java(w) and try to open differents ports so is normal that the firewall have to ask you again about the access to the internet or local network.

So, from my point of view, you need to configure better the java or javaw to access to internet, or maybe you local machine without internet, etc…

I have a similar configuration, and then, I have configured the java program full access to my local network and limitet access to internet, and I don’t get any prompt…

Yes, there is a bug. It is not about Java at all. I have the same problem, but with CSISYN~1.EXE. I think it is a Microsoft OneDrive process.
And there are more people with the same bug as you can see here:;topicseen

It is really annoying and it has been a while since then and we still don’t have a fix.

Try using long filenames rather than 8.3.

Please use the required format.

I will move this one to “Resolved” section.
Thank you.